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Feedback to Archbishop Mancini

Feedback to Archbishop Mancini—”In my pastoral letter which was recently read or made available to you in your parish concerning our effort to build New Parishes: Stronger Together, I invited everyone who wishes to respond to me and share your reflections. I would be pleased to receive your ideas and questions regarding our effort as well as any comments that you may have with regards to the content of the Lenten Video Series. If you haven’t see the series, they are on the website: Feedback can be sent through the website, email my secretary or mail: Archbishop Mancini, Archdiocese of Halifax Yarmouth, P.O. Box 1527 Halifax, NS B3J 2Y3 I look forward to hearing from you. After May 20, the deadline for feedback, I will prepare a response to as many of the questions raised as possible.”


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