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St. Theresa’s Church – North Street

St. Theresa’s Church News – North  St.

Notes from the Upper Room: Being Catholic during the Sexual Abuse Crisis:  a presentation by David Deane, PhD, Associate Professor of Theology at Atlantic School of Theology, February 20, 7:00, St. Theresa’s Church Hall, North Street. We are called to be missional, to proclaim the Gospel. How is this possible, though, today? How is this possible when so many of us are hurt, angry, and in despair at the sins and crimes that some clergy and leaders have committed? Even if we could proclaim the good news – who would listen now? This presentation offers a discussion of these questions. It suggests that, right now, we have much in common with the disciples in the Upper Room. We know fear, and despair, and anger. But the same Holy Spirit who rested upon the disciples is active now too. And responding to the Holy Spirit is not simply the key to the mission we’re called to, it’s also a crucial part of reforming and renewing the Church.

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