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St. Theresa’s Church – North Street

St. Theresa’s Church – North Street

1. Eucharist – Discovering the Mass in the Bible – The Eucharist was not a sudden revelation by Jesus at the Last Supper, but something prefigured in numerous events throughout the Old Covenant starting as early as Genesis. Following Jesus‘ resurrection and ascension, the Church has participated in this life-giving act down through the ages.  The understanding of the Eucharist includes all the Liturgy, not just Holy Communion.  In 10 sessions (FORMED), we will discover the profound importance, meaning, purpose and beauty of the Mass as taught in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  The first five sessions will be held each week on Thursday, at 1:30 in the Pius X Room at St. Theresa’s beginning Thurs. October 11 until November 8.  The remaining five sessions will be held in the New Year; dates and location TBA.  Please register as numbers are needed for the purchase of participants’ workbooks.  You may call Sister Rita or leave a message at 902-454-8221, ext. 228.

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