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St Joseph’s Closing Mass

Parishioners Joined Together1 Parishioners Joined Together2 Parishioners Joined Together3

Past and current parishioners joined to celebrate the life and history of St. Joseph's Church

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At the beginning of Mass, Archbishop Prendergast, SJ and Fr. Gilbert Bertrand, OMI, visited various areas in the Church, reflecting on their significance to the life of the parish community and offering Thanksgiving for the graces received.
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Parishioners were given symbolic objects to be taken to Blessed Mother Teresa Parish.  Ernie McNutt receives the Ciborium, Dorothy Garrison receives the Chalice & Paten and Susan Sarty receives Catechetical books.

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All those in attendance were asked to process out of the Church so that the final blessing could be given by Archbishop Prendergast on the front steps.


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