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Sunday School begins Sept. 29th – 2 Catechists and 2 Substitute are needed

Sunday School Registration forms for Sept. are online or in person at the hall. Forms can be submitted electronically or printed, filled out, and submitted to the office.  Please consider joining the Religious Education team at this time we are in need of 2 catechists as well as 2 substitute catechist teachers.  Anyone interested in joining the religious education team to help  please contact Susan Sarty.

North West End Parish—News for Parishioners

The weekends of Sat. and Sun. May 4/5 and May 11/12, at Mass, each of the four churches voted on the name for our new Parish. Ballots were handed out before Mass each weekend. Please mark your ballot and drop it in the box at the back of the Church before or after Mass. 

The new parish name for the four churches is St. Frances & St. Clare.

Moderator Appointed for New Parish

As part of grouping our four Parishes together, in mid-March 2019 Archbishop Mancini announced the appointment of Father Francesco Pirisi of the Franciscans of Halifax (FoH) as the Moderator of our New North-West End Parish effective August 1, 2019. 

Father Francesco has been Parish Administrator at St. Catherine of Siena Parish and St. Theresa’s Parish and a member of the New Parish Interim Transition Team. Fr. Francesco is honoured for the trust placed in him by the Archbishop and is happy about the opportunity of working together for the future of our new parish. After Easter, he will make sure to visit and celebrate Mass with each community.

What is a Moderator?

According to the law of the Church, Can. 517 §1:

“When circumstances require it, the pastoral care of a parish or of different parishes together can be entrusted to several priests in solidum (jointly), with the requirement, however, that in exercising pastoral care one of them must be the moderator, namely, the one who is to direct the joint action and to answer for it to the bishop.”

Within our diocesan plan, a “moderator” is also a priest, deacon or layperson who leads the transformation of a parish under his or her care, with the help of other clergy and lay leaders, towards the goal of becoming communities of missionary disciples.

In other words a moderator is somewhat like a “chief operating officer”.  Father Francesco will for administrative purposes lead our whole Transition Team composed of clergy and lay leaders from each of the four Parishes as follows:

New Parish Transition Team

Moderator – Fr. Francesco Pirisi

Clergy – Fr. Andrew Rembarczyk and Deacon Art Mitchell

Parish Lay Leaders

St Catherine of Sienna – Donna Noddin & Cathy Harris

St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish – Jim Evans, George McCormack, & Susan Sarty

St. Patrick’s – Michele O’Neill, Kevin Moynihan, & David O’Connor

St. Theresa’s – Libby Kinghorne, Michael Butler, & Sr. Rita Hanna

When will the Moderator take on his role?

Archbishop Mancini’s announcement clarifies that as of August 1, 2019 Father Francesco will begin his ministry as a priest-moderator of the four parishes until the new parish becomes operational on January 1, 2020. At that point he will become the new parish administrator.

What will happen to the Current Pastor and Parish Administrator at St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata, St. Patrick’s, St. Catherine of Siena Parish and St. Theresa’s Parish?

Father Andrew Rembarczyk and Deacon Art Mitchell are highly respected and valued clergy who will continue to perform their spiritual responsibilities as pastor of St Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish and administrator of St Patrick’s Parish. Starting on August 1, 2019, they will assist the Moderator with respect to the ongoing administrative responsibilities of their parishes.  Father Francesco Pirisi will also continue to perform his spiritual responsibilities as administrator of St. Catherine of Siena Parish and St. Theresa’s Parish.  On August 1, 2019 Father Francesco will take on the role of Moderator and will collaboratively with Father Andrew Rembarczyk and Deacon Art Mitchell.

What does the appointment of a Moderator mean to you?

The appointment of a moderator who will also be a pastor/administrator provides certainty to Parishioners that there will be no gap in leadership of the New Parish which is like an umbrella organization over our four communities.  It means that the Transition Team will know who is responsible for setting the direction administratively for the New Parish and the Clergy will know who will address pastoral matters.  Working collaboratively any issues that arise will be able to be addressed to ensure the smooth transition to the New Parish.

How can we welcome to the Moderator?

The appointment of the Moderator is an important step in creating our New Parish.

Let us welcome Father Francesco into our communities with a prayer of gratitude that thanks him for accepting these important responsibilities in service to Jesus Christ and the Church and helping us to share a spiritual home made up of four Christian Communities that will grow, thrive and become stronger together in Halifax.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit fills Father Francesco with wisdom and grace that helps him in the exercise of his responsibilities to work together collaboratively with us all to build our New Parish.

What should you do if you have any questions about the New Parish?

Questions about the New Parish are welcomed. Please drop a note in the collection basket, telephone or send an email to any of the Parish offices.  Your question will be directed to the Transition Team for a response. (see Contact Information on page 4)

  1. New Parish Name

A name for the New Parish is a priority for the Transition Team.  To date Parishioners in the four Parishes have been canvassed for suggestions as to a name that might be recommended to the Archbishop for the New Parish.  Further work must be done before a short list of names is sent to the Archbishop for his consideration.  You will be kept informed as progress is made on the process for naming the New Parish.

Who makes the Decision for the Name of the New Parish?

The name of the New Parish is decided by the Archbishop.  As Parishioners and the Transition Team, we will provide the Archbishop with a recommendation for the name of the New Parish; however, the Archbishop is the final decision maker and the recommendation may or may not be accepted. 

What will be the name of the New Parish until the Archbishop makes a decision?

On January 1, 2020 the four Parishes will become one Parish under the name of the New Parish.  Until a name is decided by the Archbishop for the New Parish, the informal name will be “North-West End Parish” in recognition of the geographical area of Halifax covered by our four communities.

What will happen to the name of my Parish and Church?

After December 31, 2019 each former parish will be referred to by the name of the Church in which each community meets to worship and serve the Lord within the geographic area of the New Parish.  The identity of the four communities will be respected and maintained by keeping the name of each Church. The following is a possible way of referring to our new name:

North-West End Parish, Community at St. Catherine of Siena Church

North-West End Parish, Community at St. Mother of Kolkata Church

North-West End Parish, Community at St. Patrick’s Church

North-West End Parish, Community at St. Theresa’s Church

Will our Church names disappear?

No, our Church names will not disappear.  Our Church names will live on as an important way of remembering and honouring the dedication and faith of previous generations of Parishioners who built, worshipped and served the Lord at specific Church locations within the area of the New Parish. 

The North-West End Parish will be the umbrella over the four Church Communities to provide administrative and pastoral support to the four Church Communities.

What should you do if you have any questions about the New Parish?

Questions about the New Parish are welcomed. Please drop a note in the collection basket, telephone or send an email to any of the Parish offices.  Your question will be directed to the Transition Team for a response.

Contact Information

St. Catherine of Siena – Pat Belgrave – 902-454-8221(ext 4)

St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish – Cheryl Delaney – 902-454-5835 ext. 201 /

St. Patrick’s – Cheryl Delaney – 902-429-1300 /

St. Theresa’s – Pat Belgrave – 902-454-8221 (Ext 4)

Msgr. Murphy Scholarship Applications

Msgr. Leo Murphy Scholarship applications are at the back of the Church and can also be accessed online. The due date for submission is Friday September 20th at 4:00 pm.

St. Patrick’s Church News

  1. Contemplative Prayer Initiative — St. Patrick’s Church—will resume in September more information to follow. All are welcome to attend.

Mass – Canada Day

There will be a Mass at 9:00 am on Monday July 1 at Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish

Sisters of Charity Reception

The Sisters of Charity are moving to “Caritas” over the summer. Father Andrew welcomes everyone to a reception to celebrate and thank the Sisters for their presence, support, and dedication to our Church and their years of teaching at St. Stephen’s School on Sun. June 16 after the 10:00 Mass. Thank you Sisters. May God continue to Bless each of you in your new residence.

St. Theresa’s – North St. – News

Family Fun Day Sunday June 2 after the 9:30 am Mass. Outdoor games and BBQ beside the Church. All are welcome.

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross will be held every Friday at 7:00 pm. As a result, First Friday Mass with Adoration will be at 9:00 am on April 5th.

April 19— Deacon Len & Mary Anne Moore

St. Catherine’s Church News

Lenten Luncheon—each Friday during Lent (except Good Friday) after 12:00 noon Mass. Cost: $8 —includes Fish Chowder or Soup, tea biscuit, dessert, tea & coffee. Everyone welcome.





Diploma in the New Evangelization

Diploma in the New Evangelization -David Deane came to our Parish Sat. & Sun. March 30/31 during Mass. He explained what the New Evangelization is and how a (free) diploma program at AST will help equip you for your role?  General information provided in this video: If you would like to contact David for more information you can email him at

A question period will follow the 10:00 am Sunday Mass at the Coffee Social.

Fish Chowder Fri. March 15

Fish Chowder supper on Fri. March 15—5:00—6:30 pm.  Cost $8.00 pp. hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

Lenten Kids Night

Kids Night —Friday March 8 —6:00 pm. This will also be our Children’s Lenten evening followed by the Children’s Stations of the Cross.


Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Service is March 6 at 7:00 pm

2018 Income Tax Receipts

Income Tax Receipts for 2018 are at the back of the Church. If you would like a tax receipt for your contribution to the Church, please contact Cathy in the office to register for Pre Authorized Debit or envelopes.


Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord —Sat. Feb. 2 Mass at 10:00 am.


Pre marriage course -St Thomas Aquinas Canadian Martyrs

Pre marriage course begins Wed., Jan. 30, 2019 from 7:00- 9:00 pm for 7-weeks.   Along with the DVD series, Beloved, Finding Happiness in Marriage, most evenings, we also have guest speakers. If you wish to take the course, please contact Tracy to register: or (902) 423-3057. The course is $100 per couple and includes all workbooks, etc.

Below is the link to some information on the Marriage Preparation Course at St. Thomas Aquinas. When you click on the link, scroll down to see the trailer, and some testimonies from 2 of the couples who took the course last January.

Soup Luncheon Sun. Jan 27th

The Social Committee will be hosting a soup /biscuit lunch following the 10:00 am Mass on Sun. Jan 27th. All are welcomed.


Religious Education is cancelled January 20, 2019

Religious Education is cancelled tomorrow morning due to the impending storm

Seniors —Wed. January 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm in the Parish Hall

Senior’s Day is Wednesday, January 15, 2020 please join us and bring a friend or neighbour with you.

First Friday with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 7:00 pm

First Friday with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be at 7:00 pm on January 3, 2020


PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT—With the onset of summer and vacations, we encourage you to use this method of contribution.  The Archdiocese automatically debits a preauthorized amount from your account monthly. This allows you to maintain your donations even when you are away and ensures the parish is financially able to maintain itself. We thank you for your continued support for this Parish Community. Forms can be found in the entrance of the church or you may contact the office for more information. This link will also provide the form:


Office and Pastoral Center Closed – Christmas Week

The offices will be closed through Christmas week:

Thursday. Dec. 20 – Tuesday January 1.  The offices will resume regular hours Wed. Jan. 3, 2019.  Have a Blessed Christmas.

Advent Penitential Service Friday Dec. 14, 2018

Please join us for an Advent Penitential Service at 7:00 pm at Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish – 6032 Normandy Drive, Halifax. There will be 7 priests in attendance.

Christmas wreaths – Double sided fir with a bow

Religious Ed Comm.  The Christmas wreaths are ready for pick up Sat. Dec. 1st for those who ordered $25. Pick up and pay lower Robie St. door in the Hall.


Fall Fair is Sat. November 2nd from 10:00 am—1:00 pm

Fall Fair is Saturday, November 2nd from 10:00 am—1:00 pm in the Church Hall.  Proceeds from the fair benefit the various projects sponsored by our Church Groups and Committees throughout the year. See poster for details.

All Saints Day & First Friday Mass with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament—Nov. 2—7:00 pm.

All Souls Day and First Friday Mass with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament—Nov. 2—7:00 pm at Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata Parish.


Thanksgiving Mass Mon. Oct. 14th 9:00 am

There will be a Thanksgiving Mass Mon. Oct. 14th 9:00 am.

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Just a reminder the office will be closed for Thanksgiving Day – Monday Oct. 8.

Thanksgiving Mass Special Collection

Here in our Parish it has been a tradition to gather food items to be shared between Ad Sum House & Hope Cottage. Donations of non-perishable items, fruit, vegetables, homemade loaves and cookies are welcomed for this Harvest Season. Please place your donations at the foot of the altar before Mass on Thanksgiving Day.  As we give thanks for our blessings, may we share generously with our less fortunate sisters & brothers.


Syrian Family has arrived

Exciting News, our family of five from Syria arrived Sept. 17th at 7:30 pm.  Please keep them in your prayers as they settle in their new home.

* Sincere thanks to all who helped with furnishing and setting up the apartment. If you did not have a chance to take a card but would like to contribute please consider a gift card.

* The Justice and Charity committee thanks you for your support in our community effort to sponsor this family.

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9:00 am -12:00 noon & 1:00 – 4:00 pm


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