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Pastoral Council

To advise the pastor and participate in formulating policy and reaching decisions which promote and enhance the pastoral life of the parish. Contact Jim Evans

Role or Purpose: The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body responsible to the pastor.  Its role is to bring together the pastoral team, the religious and lay people of the parish to work in building a community that strives to live out its mission:

  • to worship & celebrate liturgy;
  • to evangelize; and
  • to carry out the works of charity & justice that reflect Jesus in our midst.

Contact:  Jim Evans – 424-8418 –

Pastoral Planning

  • To work with the pastor, the pastoral team and the council in developing planning options for the council to consider regarding the pastoral life of the parish.

  • Role or Purpose: The Pastoral Planning Committee is a group of parish members, chosen by and accountable to the Parish Pastoral Council, who have knowledge of, or experience in, pastoral planning principles and practices. Its role is to co-ordinate the pastoral planning process within the parish, in co-operation with the pastor, the pastoral team, the Council and the people of the community.


 Financial Council


Role or Purpose: The Parish Financial Council is a consultative body, appointed by and responsible to the pastor.  Its role is to provide advice and support to the pastor on the administration of parish property and goods, in accordance with Archdiocesan policy.


Building Committee – Property & Maintenance


To ensure the proper maintenance of parish property and to provide recommendations and/or submissions regarding capital repairs or improvements to property.


Role or Purpose: The Property & Maintenance Committee is a group of parish members, with professional and/or technical training or experience, appointed by the pastor to ensure the proper maintenance & repair of parish property.


Liturgy Committee

Role or Purpose:

EMEucharistTo work with the pastor in nurturing the worship of God and the prayer life of the community, by:

  • providing support in developing and coordinating the parish liturgical celebrations, especially during the major liturgical seasons and ensuring that they are prayerful and meaningful to all segments of the community and conform to the direction contained in the GIRM;
  • providing opportunities for the faithful to enhance their personal prayer lives through group prayer activities and information sessions;
  • providing opportunities for the training &/or updating of the knowledge and skills of its members as well as those involved in liturgical ministry.

To advise & assist the pastor and the pastoral team in the development and implementation of all parish liturgical celebrations, especially during the major liturgical seasons.


Contact: Deacon Robert Landry


Religious Education Committee

To assist the Director of Religious Education (Susan Sarty) in providing support to those involved in carrying out the parish’s catechetical program.


Contact Claudette Carroll.


Catechetical Program Committee

EMEucharistRole or Purpose: To provide support to the DRE in the delivery of the catechetical program, by:

  • assisting in the recruitment and organization of workshops for catechists;
  • providing support in administering the various social activities associated with the catechetical program;
  • participating in the enrolment of children in the catechetical program;
  • encouraging parents to participate in activities concerning their children enrolled in the catechetical program.


Youth Committee

Role or Purpose: To support the pastor in reaching out to the youth of the parish in order to encourage and prepare them to actively participate in the life of the parish, by:

  • developing an appropriate structure to administer youth programs and activities;
  • inviting the youth to come together regularly to socialize and to learn more about their faith;
  • arranging for a variety of social programs and activities that will attract the interest of our youth and will encourage their participation;
  • providing opportunities for individual as well as group prayer and formation activities that will enable the youth to participate in parish ministry.

Contact Karen Sayer


Justice & Charity Committee

sot27Role or Purpose: To work with the pastor in identifying areas of concern and providing support and assistance to those in need within and beyond our parish community, by:

  • reaching out to the poor and those in our area whose needs are not currently being addressed;
  • providing compassionate support and assistance to the unemployed, those in prison, separated/divorced persons;
  • identifying and coordinating referrals to appropriate service and support agencies; and working with other parish and community groups as requested;
  • participating in immigrant family sponsorship of those wishing to locate in our area;
  • promoting respect for human life and co-operating with organizations that offer support and protection to the unborn.

Contact: Cathy Targett



Social Committee Guidelines

cfamily2aRole or Purpose: To bring the parish community together through social events, by:

  • coordinating and providing opportunities for parishioners and specific groups to come together in a Christian environment to participate in a variety of social activities relating to the family and community life;
  • providing support to other groups involved in reception activities;
  • participating in the regular cleanup of the parish kitchen;
  • identifying needs and making recommendations regarding the acquisition of necessary equipment & supplies;
  • coordinating the certification or licensing of individuals involved in food preparation; and
  • providing for funeral reception services to families of deceased parishioners at minimal costs.


Contact Jim Evans


Seniors’ Day Committee Guidelines


Role or Purpose:

cfamily2To provide prayer and social interaction for the seniors of the parish and surrounding area by;


  • planning and hosting the Seniors’ Day activities in keeping with a different theme each month;
  • organizing the annual retreat for seniors.


Contact Janet Mullock


Music Ministry


The Director of Music Ministry is a professional who holds specialized credentials in music and who has a thorough understanding of Roman Catholic liturgy. This person of faith is responsible for the effective planning, coordination, and execution of music within the liturgical celebrations of the parish. He or she is gifted with a vision of how a local Church can develop its potential. Contact Carmel Oster


Responsibilities and Tasks

1) Collaborates with the Pastor, under his supervision, and with other members of the parish staff,integrating his or her own area of responsibility with the overall parish endeavor.

2) Directs the parish music program, selects and plans music in cooperation with the Coordinator of Liturgy and the liturgy teams/committee for use in parish liturgies.

3) Provides leadership in areas related to liturgical music, e.g., selects and develops participation aids for the congregation, selects and maintains musical instruments, coordinates services and schedules of parish musicians, assures copyright permission, etc.

4) Prepares and manages the budget for the parish music program in collaboration with the Coordinator of Liturgy and the Pastor.

5) Collaborates with the Coordinator of Liturgy, and with other staff members, e.g., Principal, DRE, Youth Minister, etc., to coordinate and ensure appropriate music for all parish sacramental celebrations, and provides them with consultation and needed assistance.

Office Hours

Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 am – 2:00 pm


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