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The beautiful church of Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata was originally known as St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Church. It is a handsome building made of field stone and mortar with a soaring white wooden steeple tower. A spacious rectory, also constructed of field stone, is connected to the church and both buildings face St. Stephen’s Memorial Park across the street. 

A contemporary community with traditional values, located in an historic part of a bustling port city. Inside, beautiful roof beams vault over the warm wood tones of the pews. Blazing stained glass windows march their way along the east and west walls up to the simple, elegant nave. A massive pipe organ graces the choir loft on the north wall, surmounted by a glorious stained glass mandala.

The church is fully wheel chair accessible and also features chair lifts on the main lobby stairs. St. Stephen’s is completely wired for sound and includes a Crying Room plus a spacious hall downstairs to accommodate the many parish activities.

Renovations and improvements were undertaken to preserve the building - new siding was added to protect the fieldstone and steeple, giving the church it's distinctive look today.


St Stephen's circa 2000

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